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Our Experience

The Employment practice of Conybeare Solicitors is relied upon by employers, who appreciate clear and straightforward advice to ensure they do not fall foul of the ever increasing burden of employment legislation, and by employees who come to the firm to ensure that their rights are fully respected and protected.

Our Employment experience is principally concerned with non-contentious matters, from drafting new employment agreements for senior executives and independent consultants to advising on compromise agreements for bankers.

Employment – Employees / Consultants – UK

We provided advice to our client concerning their engagement of various consultants and employees and following detailed analysis thereof we drafted new consultancy contracts and new employment contracts for their staff, as well as preparing disciplinary and grievance procedures and a simplified staff handbook for their employees.

Employment – Consultancy Agreements – UK / Europe

We acted for several client companies on the successful negotiation and execution of various consultancy agreements with independent contractors acting individually as well as through service companies.

Employment – Settlement Agreements – UK / Europe

We acted for a number of senior employees on their respective successful negotiation and execution of settlement agreements relating to the termination of their employment, including by reason of redundancy. Employers negotiated with include investment banks and multinational companies.

Employment – Senior Management – UK

We have advised and assisted a number of senior management employees and both executive and non-executive directors on their contracts, their rights, obligations and duties, both statutory and common law, as well “behind the scenes” discussions relating to potential termination of employment, loss of office and/or loss of benefits. Whilst these issues involve a significant amount of related legislation, there is usually a commercial rationale which underpins the discussions, as well as tending to be emotional for those concerned. We have always been cognizant of these sometimes diverging interests and maintain a commercially robust but sensitive approach to our analysis and advice.

Employment – Share Options – UK

We acted for a senior portfolio fund manager in a detailed and extensive review and negotiation of the terms of a proposed share option agreement to be granted to them as part of wider negotiation relating to their proposed employment by a fund manager.

Employment – Compromise Agreements – UK

We have advised on a significant number of compromise agreements for managing directors and senior executive personnel who worked at a number of global investment banks and hedge funds on the termination of their employment for various reasons including redundancy and voluntary resignations. The terms of compromise agreements usually had to deal with both issued and future stock and shares awarded as part of remuneration and required the review of all related contracts and agreements.

Employment – Consulting Agreements – UK / Hungary / Denmark / Gibraltar / Isle of Man

We have advised on a significant number of consulting agreements for both consultants and client companies where the consulting services ranged from management consultancy, business development to oil & gas engineering services for both specific projects as well as ongoing services.

Employment – Share Options – UK

We have drafted, reviewed and established a number of Inland Revenue unapproved share option schemes and share option agreements for employers including schemes and agreements which qualified under the Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) scheme

Employment – Employment Agreements – UK

We have drafted and reviewed a very large number of employment agreements for both employers and employees, dealing with the full range of employment issues, from remuneration and discretionary bonuses through to specific issues relating to restrictive covenants and their enforceability post-termination.

Employment – Executive Service Agreements – UK

we have drafted, reviewed and negotiated a number of service agreements over the years for directors and senior management personnel, including complex remuneration and bonus structures.