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Our Experience

The Technology practice of Conybeare Solicitors provides a dedicated legal support and advisory service for clients operating in the Information Technology sector. These clients appreciate and rely upon the firm’s legal expertise and business acumen to help them secure, exploit, manage and protect their valuable intellectual property rights in whatever medium they may be published.

Our Technology experience has seen us deal with a wide range of software issues, from consulting agreements to software licensing and e-commerce.

Technology – I.T. Outsourcing Contract – Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece

We acted as special counsel to a Hungarian law firm on matters of English law arising during their client’s negotiations of an IT outsourcing contract and ancillary agreements for a household name consumer company.

Technology – I.T. Outsourcing Contract – UK / South Africa

We provided advice to our IT company client in connection with a series of consultancy contracts entered into by it pursuant to which it provides IT services to corporate clients located in Africa and UK as well as a number of consultancy contracts for specialists to provide our client with services.

Technology – Software License Agreement – UK and USA

We advised our English technology consulting company in relation to the entry into a number of software license agreements relating to their proprietary software for use in the testing and analysis of financial services transactions.

Technology – Software Consulting Services – UK and South Africa

We provided English law advice and assistance to our UK corporate client in connection with their proposed contract for the supply of software and associated consulting services to a major South African banking group.

Technology – Software Licensing – UK / Switzerland / Mauritius

We assisted our UK company client to negotiate and execute a series of software licensing agreements relating to bank production platform testing software together with a range of sub-contracting and sub-licensing arrangements with service providers and licensors.

Technology – Telecoms – Czech Republic / Uganda / Congo

We acted for the Czech subsidiary of a leading Russian cellular telecoms provider in connection with the review of a number of high value contracts for the installation, operation and maintenance of cellular telecommunications equipment and software in Uganda and Congo and the subsequent detailed advice relating to a dispute with counterparties and other sub-contractors.

Technology – Software Consultancy – UK / South Africa

We assisted our UK client in extensive negotiations lasting over 12 months for the execution of a detailed high value master services agreement with a leading South African banking group for the provision of various software consulting services including trouble-shooting, software development and licensing of proprietary software, and subsequent transaction-specific agreements with the banking client, as well as a range of sub-contractor agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and the assignment of intellectual property rights.

Technology – Proprietary Software – UK

We acted for a software company in the negotiation and conclusion of an incorporated joint venture relating to the licensing by way of sale and subsequent distribution by way of sub-licenses to global banking clients for proprietary software for use in the back office administration, storage and retrieval, including the drafting of a shareholders’ agreement, a reseller agreement and a sales agency agreement.

Technology – Software Development – UK

We acted for one of Britain’s largest garment decoration specialists to help them to negotiate and execute an incorporated joint venture with a software development company for the design, development and subsequent commercial exploitation of bespoke cloud-based commercial production software for use in the textile and printed garment industry by customers worldwide, including the drafting of a shareholders’ agreement, loan agreements, software development agreement, reseller agreements and end-user license agreements.

Technology – Carbon Reduction – UK

We assisted our UK company client operating in the carbon reduction business on a number of contractual issues arising from its receipt of sub-standard hardware to be supplied to clients and consequential issues arising relating to compensation and damage suffered by clients.

Technology – Reseller Agreement – UK

We assisted our software company client negotiate, prepare and execute a reseller agreement under which another company was appointed as the exclusive reseller of proprietary software within the UK under which it was granted a license to grant sub-licenses to customer (end-users) and to provide maintenance and support services.

Technology – Assignment of IPR – UK

We acted for our software development company client in the review and assessment of ownership of intellectual property rights (IPR) in code written by sub-contractors and the need to effectively transfer the legal ownership to the company client.

Technology – Internet/eCommerce – UK

We acted for our online publishing company client in their establishment of a new online publishing ecommerce website selling template documents, contracts and agreements, including the drafting of all necessary terms of usage, terms and conditions of sale, privacy policies, copyright notices, disclaimers, click-wrap software licenses and end-user license agreements, in compliance with applicable ecommerce legislation.